Standardized assessments

The Massachusetts Department of Education (DESE) requires that all learners take a standardized assessment at least once every year. Learners must comply with this requirement in order to receive a tutor from English At Large.

English At Large administers the BEST Plus speaking/listening assessment to ESOL learners of SPL 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4. ESOL learners of SPL 5 or greater take the TABE writing assessment. Your learner will receive a notification letter in the mail about the assessment he or she must take.


Both tutors and learners will receive notification. The assessment will be scheduled on a one-to-one basis with each learner.


Each learner will receive a letter in the mail with a choice of dates. The easiest way to register is through the link provided in the letter. Phone registrations through the office are also accepted.

English At Large staff mails assessment scores to tutors, who can then share them with their learners.

Both English At Large and the Department of Education recognize that standardized assessments present only one window into learner achievement. We encourage tutors to use assessment scores as a teaching tool, but not to place undue emphasis on assessment performance.